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  • Learn Foundational Level 1 EFT
  • Learn Tapping Acupoints
  • Tap on the Points with fingers, no needles used
  • Simple & Effective tapping points
  • EFT has its roots in Ancient Chinese Medicine
  • EFT is classed as a Cousin to Acupuncture

EFT International (EFTi) is now allowing EFT Courses Online. This is to allow continued training from the largest EFT provider worldwide. Courses will be accredited and follow competencies, syllabus, ethics and all the criteria you would expect from the leading provider.

Marie Holliday is an EFT International Master Trainer of Trainers with EFTi and is currently waiting for full instructions from EFTi to update her courses to online which should be fairly soon.

Training will be equally as rigorous and the same exacting standards offered.

There will be Foundational Level 1 which can be used for yourself.

Level 2 can work towards Practitioner ( Level 1 is a pre requisite) professional level (or follow up for own more advanced use)

Level 3 is the Advanced Practitioner ( Both Levels 1 & 2 are required)

A FREE EFT Tapping Guide can be downloaded here from EFT International association.

Please state your interest, at no obligation, by completing the contact registration below to receive full updates & information on this new online training.

Additionally, the new website for EFT Online Tapping is here if you want more information.

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